Deck Lists

  • TCGPlayer – Most lists, that Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) allows, are published here.
  • MTGGoldfish – Recent Modern Storm finishes in large physical tournaments or 5-0’s in Magic Online (MTGO) leagues.
  • Star City Games – SCG’s most recent top finishers in Modern events.



  • Caleb Scherer – One of the best streams dedicated entirely to Storm. Caleb has a slew of SCG Open Top 8’s with Storm.
  • Paul Muller – The other “Storm Brother” on the SCG Tour, 2017 SCG Charlotte champion.
  • CrispyRice – A dedicated Storm stream by Juuso Kahkonen
  • Vile Shrew – Storm streams that also plays other Storm-like decks.

Social Media

  • MTG: Storm Troopers – The is a private group on Facebook dedicated to the Storm archetype. You’ll get some Legacy mixed in with Modern, but it’s a great area to bounce ideas off each other.
  • MTG: Modern Storm – The Twitter account (@StormModern) associated with this blog/website. Give us a follow!
  • Storm Sub Reddit – More dialogue on all things Modern Storm.