Welcome Stormtroopers!

Hello and welcome to my website dedicated to Modern Storm! This is the first blog post on this website and serves as a welcome to everyone!

I’m Mitch Blankespoor, and I’ve been playing Magic since shortly after Dark Ascension came out (2012) while in college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After playing a year-and-a-half or so of Standard, I decided to invest into Modern after I saw Thoughtseize being re-printed in Theros (2013). In the year that followed, I bounced around from deck to deck until I came across Storm. To make a long story short, I’ve been hooked on Storm ever since! I feel like it’s one of the more difficult decks to play in Modern, while at the same time, believe it’s very rewarding. For more information about me and this website, please visit the “About” tab above.

A complete history of Storm in the Modern format as well as an in-depth look at current Gifts Storm lists are also available in the tabs above. I have plans for a “My Current Decklist” tab as well as an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that aims to answer common question I’ve gotten or heard about Modern Storm.

I’ll constantly be updating more information on the website, but feel free to comment, share and provide feedback about how this website and I can better serve you. Give us a follow on Twitter (@StormModern) as well!



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